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“Neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet, HEALED!” A simple, yet authoritative faith pronouncement. And she was totally healed. It took all but 3 seconds.

The woman was brought forward after the service at “Overflowing Church” in Seoul Korea by her husband. He told me through my translator that his wife had been suffering severe pain in her neck, back and shoulders due to some special vertebrae thingy I can’t remember. She was in obvious discomfort and her countenance reflected that.  Everyone who has ever endured back pain knows how debilitating it can be.

After the pronouncement of healing the woman rolled her neck a few times, rotated her arms and did a few hops, testing out her body, searching for the pain.  But it was gone.  The kingdom came, the pain went and she was healed. Immediately she threw her hands up, like she been listening to Beyonce. Of course, I interpreted her gesture as initiating high fives. I was like, “Yeah, what’s up; amen; Jesus!” and I too threw my hands up and slapped her some skin, straight up. I soon realized by her response that she was not in fact offering high fives but was lifting her hands in worship to the Lord for her healing.

I desecrated her offering of worship with my tacky American celebratory gesture.

She and her husband just laughed at me, thanked me and then walked away.

Holy Ghost high fives.