10 Questions for Sermon Prep

I thought I'd share with you a few helpful questions that I use as I'm preparing to teach and preach.  I hope these help you in your journey with the Holy Spirit as you have opportunity to proclaim His word!

  1. Is the message solidly based on Scripture?
  2. Does it exalt the Person and work of Jesus Christ?
  3. Can I reduce my message to a single, concise statement? 
  4. What are the core truths/values that im calling the ppl to embrace or steps to take?
  5. Is the message organized so that I can preach it clearly and the people understand it easily? 
  6. Are all Scripture references and testimonial facts accurate?
  7. Have I contextualized the message in the prophetic context of what God is doing in the life of the body?
  8. Does the message complement the work of the Spirit in the body in this season?
  9. Have I discerned the spirit/manner in which I am to deliver this message?
  10. Is the Holy Spirit asking me to take any specific steps today in order to more personally embrace the truths I am calling the people to?