On-the-go evangelism training for the student, the professional and the stay-at-home mom.

From your phone, tablet or computer you will:

  • Overcome fear, inadequecy and other hindrances to evangelism;
  • Gain the supernatural advantage of hearing God;
  • Communicate the simple gospel through love, truth and power;
  • Navigate gospel encounters in a polarized culture;
  • Receive a clear action plan into a supernatural life!

You really can impact lives where you live and work.

What makes this course unique?

Live Mentoring
8 online chats with Adam Narciso and the Gospel Encounters eCourse Community.

Teaching Videos
Exclusive access to 18 dynamic video lectures crafted to impart wisdom and prophetic insight for fruitful evangelism in today's context.
Guest Instructors
Watch personal interviews with leading evangelists. Be inspired by their stories and learn from their successes as well as their mistakes.

Practical Assignments
Receive step-by-step exercises designed to increase your grace to hear God, shape your heart and expand your authority to represent Jesus. 



Adam Narciso Instructor

Adam Narciso is the visionary and poineer of Catalyst Ministries, a training and global outreach mission for the next generation. Since 2009 Adam has trained and mobilized over 40 international evangelism teams and has equipped thousands in the areas of identity, hearing God and evangelism via seminars around the world. Adam has preached the gospel in city campaigns, universities, high schools and bamboo huts in remote villages, all with supernatural effect. Communicating with humor and fresh biblical insight, Adam is a unique prophetic evangelist who equips everyday Jesus-followers to live authentic, New Testament Christianity, discovering their highest joy in the Great Commandment and their unique assignment in the Great Commission.

Adam is author of New Identity: 30 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Transformation. He and his wife, Jenny, have four children and reside in Franklin, TN. 

Get equipped for today's Jesus movement.

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18 On-Demand Video Lectures
Spirit-inspired. Rich in theology. Proven results.

Session 1


An overview of the course: what you will learn; what will be required of you; and my hopes for God's work in and through your life.

Session 2 

Evangelism Paradigm Shifts 1

A theological framework for doing evangelism with God instead of for God and the terrific blessings reserved for those who partner with God.

Session 3

Evangelism Paradigm Shifts 2

Learn how the incarnation sets the model for mission and evangelism and challenges us to live out Jesus' identity as a 'friend of sinners.'

Session 4 

Evangelism Paradigm Shifts 3

Get immersed in the show-and-tell nature of the gospel and build a biblical foundation for supernatural evangelism.

Session 5

Four P Gospel Tool

Get equipped with a simple tool that helps you learn the talking points of the greatest story ever told--the gospel!

Session 6 

Christ's Ambassadors Demonstrate the Kingdom

Discover your identity as an Ambassador of Christ and go on a journey with Adam on the topic of prophecy, words of knowledge and evangelism.

Session 7 

Christ's Ambassadors Demonstrate the Kingdom

Learn ways the Holy Spirit wants to demonstrate the kingdom through you in gospel encounters. Discover a powerful prophetic secret to increasing your spiritual authority.

Session 8 

Ministering Healing in Gospel Encounters

Receive practical training in ministering healing in gospel encounters.

Session 9

Bondservants Proclaim the Gospel

Discover your identity as a bondservant and find fuel for the fire of the simple gospel.

Session 10

Bondservants Contextualize the Gospel

Think critically about your message, your audience and how you can convey the timeless truth of the gospel to an audience in an ever-changing culture.

Session 11

Bondservants Remove Obstacles to the Gospel

Let Paul's ministry provoke you to New Testament Christianity and overcome 6 obstacles to the gospel unique to our times.

Session 12 

Bondservants Keep the Main Thing

Jesus' ministry to the woman of Samaria provide the secrets to staying faithful to the gospel and turning the scheme of the enemy against himself.

Session 13

Learning from the Earliest Evangelists

Study gospel encounters in the Book of Acts and receive dynamic insight and wisdom for your ministry today.

Session 14

Holy Spirit Impartation

Learn how God releases fresh gifts and more of the power of the Spirit in your life.

Session 15 

Sozo-Specific Testimonies

A dynamic template for evangelistic testimonies that celebrate God's goodness and dignifies the story of every believer.

Session 16

Counseling a New Believer

Practical training for helping a new believer into their next steps in discipleship with Christ.

Session 17

The Evangelist & the Local Church

Discover practical ways the evangelist can serve local churches for multiplied impact and long-term fruitfulness.

Session 18

What Next?

Next steps you can take after completing the Gospel Encounters eCourse.

On-the-Go Training Experience

Train at your pace

You receive exclusive access to 18 on-demand training videos. These lectures will:

  • Provide you with a theological framework for supernatural evangelism
  • Help you communicate the simple gospel with clarity
  • Give you insight for discerning the voice of the Spirit during gospel encounters
  • Give you a mental map for navigating gospel encounters
  • Help you adopt a gospel-centered, missional lifestyle
  • Open your eyes to the power of your identity as a gospel messenger
  • Challenge beliefs and practices that hinder gospel movement
  • and much more!

Live Mentoring with Adam Narciso

You can participate in 8 live mentoring chats with Adam Narciso during ecourse experience. Adam hosts these chats your to answer questions from the course content, share personal and prophetic insights and to pray for the community as the Lord leads. Don't worry if you miss a live chat as they will be recorded and you will have on-demand access to them moving forward.

Learn from leading evangelists

You will have exclusive access to recorded interviews with leading evangelists on the scene today. Each of these influencers are bearing fruit in their respective spheres and have cultivated a voice to train and equip others in gospel ministry. In these interviews you will learn from their successes as well as their mistakes and gain vital insight for representing Jesus in our unique season of history!

Release supernatural power through simple obedience

God releases His supernatural power through our simple obedience. Consequently, no training is complete without practical action.

The assignments you receive at the end of each session will shape you in a variety of ways:

  • Devotional - You will connect with God in scripture, prayer and listening practices
  • Transformational - You will welcome the work of the Spirit to realign you to the truth and heart of God through repentance
  • Missional - You will take steps toward people in love and compassion
  • Impartational - You will receive fresh release of the Holy Spirit in your life to be a witness of Christ


“In my 25 years of teaching at a Christian liberal arts university, I have never encountered a ministry more Spirit-anointed and theologically grounded that brings a passion for a Person and the presence of the Holy Spirit into students’ lives."

-Dr. William Heth, Professor of Greek and New Testament Biblical Studies, Christian Educational Ministries, and Philosophy, Taylor University


"Anyone seeking to grow in their walk with God and be a “catalyst” for revival in their generation would greatly benefit."

-Danny Lehmann, Dean University of the Nations, Youth With a Mission


"In Adam, one finds an integrated Christian worldview dynamically linked to an orthodox Biblical theology, both sourced from a deep and personal encounter with Jesus. From this well of intimacy flows a strong and sweet anointing that breathes life and wholeness into individuals, communities and churches seeking a more authentic Gospel encounter."

-Matthew Phillip, Director of Global Outreach, Trinity Church; Former Associate Director of Urbana, InterVarsity's Missions Conference


"Adam is such a needed and gifted voice for the church today, he is an excellent trainer and teacher who takes complex truths and makes them practical for everyone."

-Darrin Miller, National Training Director, Youth for Christ USA

What leaders say about Adam Narciso

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