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In Support of Supersessionism

I offer a simple argument for the historic christian doctrine of supersessionism—the teaching that the Church (Jew and Gentile) has inherited the status as God's chosen people, and are spiritually living out the identity and promises made to ancient Israel.
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What to Do When You Can't See the Next Step

4 steps you should take when you don't know what's next
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6 Reasons You Might Be Stuck

Down and dirty coach-talk to help you get un-stuck.
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Hope for the 1%

One's prosperity, whether economic, influence or power, does not have to come at the expense of their spiritual health and passion for Jesus. It is possible for the “kings” of the world to live for one thing, like King David. 
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3 Lies People Believe

Are you living under a core lie about your value and identity? Often the first step in transformation is identifying the lies that shape you. Repent and receive your new in-Christ identity!

When Did the Jesus People Movement End?

International evangelist, Danny Lehmann (YWAM), shares his thoughts on when the Jesus People movement came to an end.
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Book Review: Cynical Theories

Critical Theory (CT) is a buzz word today is at the center of civil rights discourse, political debate, school curriculum and corporate America. But few seem to have a working understanding (informed by primary sources) as to what exactly CT is and what kind of impact it has on society. That's where Cynical Theories comes in clutch.
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Signs of a New Jesus-Movement?

Jesus called this weed farmer to reap a different harvest. Could this be a sign of a new Jesus-movement?
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Should Spirit-Led Prophecy Bring Reproof & Correction?

How one unique ministry is using prophetic gifts to bring freedom and healing to people's lives.
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How a Demonic Outbreak Spurred Revival in this Church

"Gibson's church was invaded by a move of God that caused demons to manifest week after week in a concentrated form for the next two years. This pressurized season not only brought revival to this church, it also launched Gibson into a deliverance ministry that has set hundreds free."
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Book Review: Impossible Marriage, Laurie & Matt Krieg

A mixed-orientation marriage is when one or more of the spouse's default sexual attraction is not toward the gender of their spouse. That is the case for Laurie and Matt Krieg, authors of Impossible Marriage: What our mixed-orientation marriage has taught us about love and the gospel...
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Book Review: Reading While Black by Esau McCaulley

To be honest, I was pretty bothered by this title when I first saw it. I assure you, it wasn't because I don't like the Bible; neither was it because I don't like African Americans (don't cancel me yet)! At first glance the title seemed to be calling me to do that which, as a student of the Bible, I've tried so hard to avoid: impose a contemporary/modern lens over my reading of ancient scripture.
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Pro-Life Leader Becomes Prophet Preaching Sex

How a leader in the pro-life movement became a prophet who preaches a message of sexuality to heal sons and daughters.
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The White House, Prayer House & a Polarized Church

How a White House staffer turned Mike Bickle pastor believes the Church of America got to a place of polarization and political idolatry.
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How this Pastor Broke Free of the Bondage of Pornography and Shame

He had access to much of the teaching, deliverance ministry and inner-healing prayer the charismatic Church had to offer. But he wasn't able to overcome the shame and condemnation that tormented him following an addiction to pornography. Until his dad asked him a critical question.
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Invading Hell's Gates

When it came to spiritual warfare, would the Apostles have thought only in terms of defense?
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Sickness in the Charismatic Church

How the events of January 6 at the United States Capitol and the subsequent reactions to apologetic prophets expose sickness in the body of Christ.
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Inductive Bible Study Basics

A helpful tool for interpreting scripture and applying it to your life in a powerful way. This is a basic breakdown of the IBS method and practical tips for leading an IBS with a small group.
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Is God Shaking the Prophetic Movement?

2020 predictions give us an opportunity for critical assessment. Are we ready and willing to ask honest questions?
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Prophecy & Accountability in a Social Media Age

(5) Steps to foster greater accuracy and integrity in the prophetic in our social media age.
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A Response to Shawn Bolz on Judgment Prophecies

A critical response to the claim that 'judgment prophecies are never from God' (CharismaMag article).
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The New Pro-Choice Christian

Responses to (4) ways the New Pro-Choice Christian reinterprets life-in-the-womb scriptures.
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Rediscover the Fullness of Your Prophetic Call

(5) Steps to recovering our prophetic voice in the realm of racial reconciliation.
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The "Digital Billy Graham"

Jacob Coyne is a Christian content creator and Tik Tok sensation who has gained a following of over half a million young people by posting videos that preach Christ and pray for people.