Journal + Take Action

Your Values

When was the last time you faced a moral dilemma and how did you resolve it? Did it involve compromising your values and convictions? If so, share your fault with a godly friend in order to deal with the shame of your compromise and keep yourself accountable for future situations.

Relational Conflict

Think about the last (3) people with whom you've had conflict/disagreement. What did you do to resolve conflict? Are there any apologies that need to be made on your end to make it right? 

Responding to Criticism

How do you typically respond to critical feedback from others? Do you get defensive or angry with them? Do you implement their feedback into your life? Have a conversation with someone who knows you very well. Ask them to speak freely about any areas of your life they feel you might be living below your calling in Christ. Assure them that you won't retaliate and you value their perspective. 

Hard Things

Are there stressful tasks/responsibilities that you are repeatedly ignoring?  Make a plan to tackle these tasks in the immediate future. Share your list with a spouse or friend so someone else knows that you are about to conquer something.