Book Review: Impossible Marriage, Laurie & Matt Krieg

What is a "mixed-orientation" marriage?
That was my first question when I read this subtitle. Don't judge me, we live in confusing times with lots of new letters and definitions hitting us continually.
A mixed-orientation marriage is when one or more of the spouse's default sexual attraction is not toward the gender of their spouse. That is the case for Laurie and Matt Krieg, authors of Impossible Marriage: What our mixed-orientation marriage has taught us about love and the gospel.
Now you understand why the Kriegs titled their book "Impossible Marriage." But they argue their marriage is no more impossible than marriages in which both spouses are straight.
"People say our marriage is impossible. They are right.
But so it yours.
My natural default is toward disunity with Matt, and his default is disunity with me.
Your natural default is toward disunity with your spouse. And yet God calls us married folk to love him and to make disciples as one.
Our marriages feel impossible. But they aren't. Nothing is impossible with God."
Who Do I Recommend this Book to?

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