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3 Lies People Believe

Are you living under a core lie about your value and identity? Often the first step in transformation is identifying the lies that shape you. Repent and receive your new in-Christ identity!
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Book Review: Cynical Theories

Critical Theory (CT) is a buzz word today is at the center of civil rights discourse, political debate, school curriculum and corporate America. But few seem to have a working understanding (informed by primary sources) as to what exactly CT is and what kind of impact it has on society. That's where Cynical Theories comes in clutch.
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Should Spirit-Led Prophecy Bring Reproof & Correction?

How one unique ministry is using prophetic gifts to bring freedom and healing to people's lives.
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Book Review: Impossible Marriage, Laurie & Matt Krieg

A mixed-orientation marriage is when one or more of the spouse's default sexual attraction is not toward the gender of their spouse. That is the case for Laurie and Matt Krieg, authors of Impossible Marriage: What our mixed-orientation marriage has taught us about love and the gospel...
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Pro-Life Leader Becomes Prophet Preaching Sex

How a leader in the pro-life movement became a prophet who preaches a message of sexuality to heal sons and daughters.
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Intimacy with God in an Age of Distraction

Adam interviews Dwayne Roberts (Upper Room Denver, CO) about his journey into the revelation of intimacy and some best practices for keep the sacred space with God in this unprecedented age of distraction.
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Prophecy is a Divine Interruption

How the prophetic can be used to destroy Satan's assault against people's minds and restore their identity.
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Prophecy & Our Identity Crisis

Pastor Patrick McFall (New Hope Hawaii Kai) shares the prophetic word that has most anchored his heart in every life season.
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Some People Hear Stuff

Are you wired to receive audio revelation from God?
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Some People See Stuff

Are you wired to receive visual revelation from God?
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Some People Feel Stuff

Are you wired for sensory revelation?
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Some People Just Know Stuff

Are you wired for intuition?