Is God Shaking the Prophetic Movement?

As 2020 comes to a close we are faced with the hard reality that several popular prophecies about this year have not come to pass (i.e., The Covid-19 'plague' ending by Passover and Trump's re-election). With many leading prophets getting it wrong on several widely shared predictions, some leaders are now asking the tough question "Is God shaking the prophetic movement?"

The biblical concept of divine shaking has been used by many to describe the unique pressures of 2020. The idea comes largely from Hebrews 12:25--29 where God promises to shake everything that can be shaken until that which cannot be shaken (i.e., that which is of the kingdom) remains. This disciplinary work of God is designed to bring alignment and health to His people that they might more fully experience and represent the blessing of His reign in the world. 

Divine shakings are severe but redemptive works of God among His covenant people (See Heb. 12:25—29). 

Church leaders have embraced this concept in 2020 in the realm of the large Sunday morning gathering. As churches throughout the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, church leaders had a unique opportunity for self-assessment. The unprecedented shut-down (shaking) led to an unprecedented assessment. Leaders began to ask difficult but important questions about the overall effectiveness of our Sunday morning gatherings in light of our mission of making disciples. These questions are still being mulled over by church leaders around the world and there's little doubt that their answers will dynamically affect the futures of congregations for decades to come.

For many church leaders, the shaking of 2020 led to a deep assessment and the assessment is leading to reformation. 

Back to the question at hand: is God shaking the prophetic movement? 

As we look back with hindsight on 2020, consider that God is not only seeking reformation in our Sunday morning gatherings, but our prophetic ministries as well.

Can we look back on the failed predictions of 2020 with the same humble heart posture for assessment that many pastors have regarding Sunday mornings? If we do accept that God is shaking the prophetic movement, it must be because He wants to bring greater purity and alignment to us around this great gift. Who wouldn't want that?

It seems to me that we would be wise to ponder this question with humility and openness to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. If He is indeed speaking to us about hindrances to our receiving pure words from heaven, is it not in our best interest to listen attentively with a heart that is eager to hear His voice and repent where necessary?

Check out this episode where I answer this question and share a dream that I believe speaks to what God is currently doing in the prophetic movement.

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Adam Narciso is the visionary and pioneer of Catalyst Ministries, a training and global outreach mission for the next generation. Since 2009 Adam has trained and mobilized over 40 international evangelism teams and has equipped thousands in the areas of identity, hearing God and evangelism via seminars around the world. Adam has preached the gospel in city campaigns, universities, high schools and bamboo huts in remote villages, all with supernatural effect. Communicating with humor and fresh biblical insight, Adam is a unique prophetic evangelist who equips everyday Jesus-followers to live authentic, New Testament Christianity, discovering their highest joy in the Great Commandment and their unique assignment in the Great Commission.

Adam is author of New Identity: 30 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Transformation and producer of multiple e-courses and the Jesus Movement Now Podcast. He and his wife, Jenny, have four children and reside in Franklin, TN. 

Adam is ordained through Messenger Fellowship, an international community of leaders, churches and ministries committed to the glory of God.