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A Response to Shawn Bolz on Judgment Prophecies

A critical response to the claim that 'judgment prophecies are never from God'
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The "Digital Billy Graham"

Jacob Coyne is a Christian content creator and Tik Tok sensation who has gained a following of over half a million young people by posting videos that preach Christ and pray for people.
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Riots to Revival

Joshua Lindquist shares a first-hand account of the revival at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, MN.
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Mistakes We Make with Prophecy

Adam interviews Pastor Ben Dixon. This conversation is rich with wisdom.
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Keys for Understanding Your Dreams

Adam interviews Jamie Galloway (Dream Culture.TV). While not all dreams are God-dreams, we do need God-wisdom for understanding the dreams we receive. This conversation is rich with insight and practical wisdom.
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Intimacy with God in an Age of Distraction

Adam interviews Dwayne Roberts (Upper Room Denver, CO) about his journey into the revelation of intimacy and some best practices for keep the sacred space with God in this unprecedented age of distraction.
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Prophecy is a Divine Interruption

How the prophetic can be used to destroy Satan's assault against people's minds and restore their identity.
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Prophecy & Our Identity Crisis

Pastor Patrick McFall (New Hope Hawaii Kai) shares the prophetic word that has most anchored his heart in every life season.
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The Big Wave Prophecy (2008) + the COVID-19 Crisis

Adam shares a series of prophetic encounters in 2008-2009 and what he believes is a promise to the Church today in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.
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When Prophecy Gets Weird

Adam speaks with Pastor Pat McFall (New Hope Hawaii Kai) and shares his biggest FAIL with the prophetic.
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(4) Reasons Prophecies Don't Come to Pass

Adam shares (4) reasons some prophetic words don't materialize.
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How To Test Prophecy

(5) Questions to guide your discernment process with God.
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What Many Don't Know About Prophetic Promises

Adam unpacks (3) types of prophetic promises and provides insight for interpreting revelation from God.
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A Prayer of Repentance for the Church of America

Adam shares a prayer of repentance he gave at the Easter Sacred Assembly: Remember, Repent, Return.
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(5) Ways God is Working in the COVID-19 Crisis

A prophetic perspective for the North American Church.
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A Holy Call to Scripture

Adam shares a prophetic call to scripture in our present crisis and (3) truths to calibrate us when we come to the Bible.
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Why 'More of the Spirit' isn't Enough in Evangelism

How one recent experience in a gospel encounter disrupts a popular Christian narrative about evangelism.
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Prophecy that Opens Doors

A prophetic encounter with a high school principal opens the doors to an evangelist and Jesus' strategy of 'the man of peace.'
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Some People Hear Stuff

Are you wired to receive audio revelation from God?
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Some People See Stuff

Are you wired to receive visual revelation from God?
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Some People Feel Stuff

Are you wired for sensory revelation?
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Some People Just Know Stuff

Are you wired for intuition?