Spiritual Armor: Gospel Shoes

Refuse to believe the lie that you are on defense when it comes to spiritual battle.

No doubt the evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. No doubt he works against us with deception, accusation and temptation. No doubt he seeks to exploit our disappointments, failures and pain. Still, refuse to let your experience of oppression reduce your victor-status to that of a mere survivor of Satan’s assault. 

In Christ you are the territory-taking invader of Satan’s kingdom. Because of Jesus you are an ambassador of heaven and a dreaded sign to the enemy of his ultimate destruction. Every time you enter someone else’s life with Christ’s love, truth and power the unshakable kingdom of God advances with you. This is the power of strapping on your gospel shoes!

Check out this 3 minute video on gospel shoes and your true position in spiritual battle. In it I share how a recent gospel encounter pulled me out of spiritual oppression and reminded me who I really am.