Identity Spiritual Warfare Book Reviews Spiritual Formation

3 Lies People Believe

Are you living under a core lie about your value and identity? Often the first step in transformation is identifying the lies that shape you. Repent and receive your new in-Christ identity!
Hearing God Identity Spiritual Warfare

Should Spirit-Led Prophecy Bring Reproof & Correction?

How one unique ministry is using prophetic gifts to bring freedom and healing to people's lives.
Spiritual Warfare Community

How a Demonic Outbreak Spurred Revival in this Church

"Gibson's church was invaded by a move of God that caused demons to manifest week after week in a concentrated form for the next two years. This pressurized season not only brought revival to this church, it also launched Gibson into a deliverance ministry that has set hundreds free."
Spiritual Warfare

How this Pastor Broke Free of the Bondage of Pornography and Shame

He had access to much of the teaching, deliverance ministry and inner-healing prayer the charismatic Church had to offer. But he wasn't able to overcome the shame and condemnation that tormented him following an addiction to pornography. Until his dad asked him a critical question.
Spiritual Warfare Theology Bible

Invading Hell's Gates

When it came to spiritual warfare, would the Apostles have thought only in terms of defense?
Hearing God Evangelism Missions Spiritual Warfare

Riots to Revival

Joshua Lindquist shares a first-hand account of the revival at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, MN.
Hearing God Spiritual Warfare

Keys for Understanding Your Dreams

Adam interviews Jamie Galloway (Dream Culture.TV). While not all dreams are God-dreams, we do need God-wisdom for understanding the dreams we receive. This conversation is rich with insight and practical wisdom.
Hearing God Identity Spiritual Warfare Theology Bible

Prophecy is a Divine Interruption

How the prophetic can be used to destroy Satan's assault against people's minds and restore their identity.
Hearing God Evangelism Missions Spiritual Warfare Community

A Prayer of Repentance for the Church of America

Adam shares a prayer of repentance he gave at the Easter Sacred Assembly: Remember, Repent, Return.
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: The Shield of Faith

3 spiritual practices for cultivating FAITH for spiritual battle.
Evangelism Missions Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: Gospel Shoes

Your true position in spiritual battle and how engaging personal evangelism aligns you to your true identity.
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: Breastplate of Righteousness

Is the breastplate of righteousness more than good behavior?
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: The Belt of Truth

Do you avoid sharing your heart with honest transparency? If so, you might be diminishing your spiritual authority in warfare.