When Did the Jesus People Movement End?

International evangelist, Danny Lehmann (YWAM), shares his thoughts on when the Jesus People movement came to an end.
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Signs of a New Jesus-Movement?

Jesus called this weed farmer to reap a different harvest. Could this be a sign of a new Jesus-movement?
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Pro-Life Leader Becomes Prophet Preaching Sex

How a leader in the pro-life movement became a prophet who preaches a message of sexuality to heal sons and daughters.
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The White House, Prayer House & a Polarized Church

How a White House staffer turned Mike Bickle pastor believes the Church of America got to a place of polarization and political idolatry.
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Prophecy & Accountability in a Social Media Age

(5) Steps to foster greater accuracy and integrity in the prophetic in our social media age.
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The "Digital Billy Graham"

Jacob Coyne is a Christian content creator and Tik Tok sensation who has gained a following of over half a million young people by posting videos that preach Christ and pray for people.
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Riots to Revival

Joshua Lindquist shares a first-hand account of the revival at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, MN.
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A Prayer of Repentance for the Church of America

Adam shares a prayer of repentance he gave at the Easter Sacred Assembly: Remember, Repent, Return.
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Peter's Delivery Didn't Suck. Yours Shouldn't Either.

How Peter's and Paul's gospel presentations help our delivery of the same truths today.
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Why 'More of the Spirit' isn't Enough in Evangelism

How one recent experience in a gospel encounter disrupts a popular Christian narrative about evangelism.
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Prophecy that Opens Doors

A prophetic encounter with a high school principal opens the doors to an evangelist and Jesus' strategy of 'the man of peace.'
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Some People Feel Stuff

Are you wired for sensory revelation?
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Spiritual Armor: Gospel Shoes

Your true position in spiritual battle and how engaging personal evangelism aligns you to your true identity.
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Hero Martyr or 'Religious Colonialist'?

How We Can Discuss Christian Missions In a Polarized Society
Evangelism Equality

The War on Women: An Opportunity for the Gospel

A divine appointment on an airplane on the topic of gender equality in the Church.