The Big Wave Prophecy (2008) + the COVID-19 Crisis

In the following clip I share a series of prophetic enounters that began on September 11, 2008 and their implications for the Church today, particularly in the COVID-19 crisis and the new era into which we have entered. 

This clip is part of a word released at The Gate Community Church (Franklin, TN) on Sunday April 19, 2020. To view that message in its entirety, click here.

The Big Wave prophecy is a prophetic message that has contextualized and shaped my calling and ministry in a way no other prophetic message has. This clip represents a portion of the prophecy--only that which is pertinent to the Church and the current COVID-19 crisis. The original prophecy is derived from a series of dreams spread out over the course of several years.

Before you listen to this prophecy, I would remind you that scripture calls us to avoid quenching the Spirit by despising prophecy, but to instead test prophecies. We are to hold to that which is good and avoid every form of evil.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22

Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.

Click here for a simple tool to guide your process in testing prophetic words

In sharing this prophetic message, I wish to highlight several promises for the Church today:

  1. God is stirring the deep waters and the Big Wave(s) that are coming will carry both his kindness in revival/salvation as well as his severity in shakings/judgments. For years God has been calling the Church to prepare for both realities and we are to respond by realigning to the bedrock anchors of God's unshakable kingdom.
  2. God has promised to be with the Church in the midst of crisis. He has released great grace for the people of God to not only survive but to thrive in the deep waters. We are not to fear--we can breathe under water! This promise is one that has layered dimensions to individual believers, churches and ministries all around the world. I encourage you to receive and claim this promise for yourself in the various ways the Spirit highlights for you.
  3. The COVID-19 moment represents a massive shift for the Church and for the global community. We (the global community) have entered into a new era in which bigger waves (of shaking/crisis) are beginning to crash on us with greater frequency. Crisis is now part of our new normal (although, not every crisis will have the global impact of COVID-19. Many shakings are localized in their impact). We (the Church) can have a theological and prophetic conviction that with the greater shakings also comes the greater harvest. If you want to explore this as a theological conviction, watch this. I encourage Churches and ministries all over the world to look for the redemptive works of God and to align to those works, best as possible. Read my recent article, 5 Ways God is Moving in the COVID-19 Crisis. 
  4. The heavenly voice cried out 60 seconds!! This is a sign of the urgency of the times as well as the substance of Isaiah 60--a promise of glory rising on the people of God against the backdrop of great darkness. 

Finally, I will say that it may feel as though our lives and ministries have been turned upside down by this crisis but God is working to reset and reposition us for some of the greatest things we've ever seen. There is a special promise especially reserved for those ministries orienting themselves to reach and make disciples among the next generation! 

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Adam Narciso is the visionary and pioneer of Catalyst Ministries, a training and global outreach mission for the next generation. Since 2009 Adam has trained and mobilized over 40 international evangelism teams and has equipped thousands in the areas of identity, hearing God and evangelism via seminars around the world. Adam has preached the gospel in city campaigns, universities, high schools and bamboo huts in remote villages, all with supernatural effect. Communicating with humor and fresh biblical insight, Adam is a unique prophetic evangelist who equips everyday Jesus-followers to live authentic, New Testament Christianity, discovering their highest joy in the Great Commandment and their unique assignment in the Great Commission.

Adam is author of New Identity: 30 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Transformation and producer of the Gospel Encounters Podcast and the Gospel Encounters eCourse. He and his wife, Jenny, have four children and reside in Franklin, TN. 

Adam is ordained through Messenger Fellowship, an international community of leaders, churches and ministries committed to the glory of God.