(4) Reasons Prophecies Don't Come to Pass

Some of the most disgruntled christians are those who are carrying unmet expectations with God. Proverbs says deferred hope makes the heart sick (Prov. 13:12). In some cases these unmet expectations have been set by prophetic words that people believed to be true but have not come to pass.  

If we’re honest, this presents a real tension for those of us who embrace prophetic ministry.  

In this video I want to share with you (4) reasons prophecies don’t come to pass.  
  1. failed to discern the nature of the promise
  2. neglected human responsibility 
  3. timing is off
  4. false word 

Failed to discern the nature of the promise. In another video What Many Don’t Know About Prophecy, I unpack (3) types of prophetic promises: Decrees (it will happen); Conditional (it will happen if); Invitations (it can happen). Often when people hear from God they assume He is speaking a decree; but scripture shows us that is not always the case. Often God speaks conditional promises or invitational opportunities. These promises require human responsibility and partnership, without which they won’t materialize.  

Neglected human responsibility. Sometimes prophetic words carry specific directives for us to walk-out (Ex. 2 Chron. 7:14). Other times we hear from God but we need to pray further to identify any specific steps God is asking us to take toward fulfillment. In either case, there is a factor of human responsibility that needs to be fulfilled in order to see some words of the Lord materialize.  

Timing is off. One of the most difficult things to discern in the prophetic is timing. I often say “friends can help you discern meaning but leaders help you discern timing.” It takes wisdom and understanding of the ways of God to discern timing. Sometimes the words we are carrying are 10 or 20 year promises and we are only in year 2 and we’re tapping out. In these cases, don’t give up! 

False word. I hate to say it. But it needs to be said. Many believers are carrying false words or only partially accurate prophetic words. This happens largely because in the prophetic movement we have not emphasized and trained people in the practice of testing prophecy. If you are carrying big picture words about your life and you have not done due diligence in testing those words, press pause on those words and enter a testing process with God. My video on How to Test Prophecy can help. 

There you go. (4) Reasons prophecies don’t come to pass.  

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Adam Narciso is the visionary and pioneer of Catalyst Ministries, a training and global outreach mission for the next generation. Since 2009 Adam has trained and mobilized over 40 international evangelism teams and has equipped thousands in the areas of identity, hearing God and evangelism via seminars around the world. Adam has preached the gospel in city campaigns, universities, high schools and bamboo huts in remote villages, all with supernatural effect. Communicating with humor and fresh biblical insight, Adam is a unique prophetic evangelist who equips everyday Jesus-followers to live authentic, New Testament Christianity, discovering their highest joy in the Great Commandment and their unique assignment in the Great Commission.

Adam is author of New Identity: 30 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Transformation and producer of the Gospel Encounters Podcast and the Gospel Encounters eCourse. He and his wife, Jenny, have four children and reside in Franklin, TN. 

Adam is ordained through Messenger Fellowship, an international community of leaders, churches and ministries committed to the glory of God.