Spiritual Warfare Community

How a Demonic Outbreak Spurred Revival in this Church

"Gibson's church was invaded by a move of God that caused demons to manifest week after week in a concentrated form for the next two years. This pressurized season not only brought revival to this church, it also launched Gibson into a deliverance ministry that has set hundreds free."
Evangelism Missions Community

The White House, Prayer House & a Polarized Church

How a White House staffer turned Mike Bickle pastor believes the Church of America got to a place of polarization and political idolatry.
Hearing God Community

Sickness in the Charismatic Church

How the events of January 6 at the United States Capitol and the subsequent reactions to apologetic prophets expose sickness in the body of Christ.
Community Theology Bible

Inductive Bible Study Basics

A helpful tool for interpreting scripture and applying it to your life in a powerful way. This is a basic breakdown of the IBS method and practical tips for leading an IBS with a small group.
Hearing God Evangelism Community Bible

Prophecy & Accountability in a Social Media Age

(5) Steps to foster greater accuracy and integrity in the prophetic in our social media age.
Hearing God Community

Mistakes We Make with Prophecy

Adam interviews Pastor Ben Dixon. This conversation is rich with wisdom.
Hearing God Community

When Prophecy Gets Weird

Adam speaks with Pastor Pat McFall (New Hope Hawaii Kai) and shares his biggest FAIL with the prophetic.
Hearing God Community

(4) Reasons Prophecies Don't Come to Pass

Adam shares (4) reasons some prophetic words don't materialize.
Hearing God Community

How To Test Prophecy

(5) Questions to guide your discernment process with God.
Hearing God Community

What Many Don't Know About Prophetic Promises

Adam unpacks (3) types of prophetic promises and provides insight for interpreting revelation from God.
Hearing God Evangelism Missions Spiritual Warfare Community

A Prayer of Repentance for the Church of America

Adam shares a prayer of repentance he gave at the Easter Sacred Assembly: Remember, Repent, Return.
Equality Community Theology

Does 1 Cor 14 Silence all Women in Every Church?

Adam summarizes (2) interpretive views of 1 Cor. 14:33-35 that honor the historical, societal and religious context of the first century; and harmonize with the otherwise clear teaching of scripture concerning women in religious assemblies.
Community Theology

A Theological Adjustment: The God Community

Adam interviews one of his mentors, Steve Fry (Messenger Fellowship), on the topic of the Trinity and the implications of God's nature for community, authority structures and team ministry.
Missions Community

Community & Missions: The Apostolic Model

5 Reasons Community IS the Launch Pad for Missions.

True Community

The Church Returning to Authentic Community.