The White House, Prayer House & a Polarized Church

Recently I sat down with a christian minister with a most intriguing background—one that centered his career path in both in the White House as well as the Prayer House (IHOP-KC). 

David Warnick (New Life Church Hayden, Idaho) is a long-time friend and trusted ministry partner based in beautiful Northern Idaho. I have long admired David's journey because of the dynamic vantage point his history offers him. Not many christian ministers have planted churches with notable charismatic leaders such as Che Ahn and Lou Engle, Pastored with Mike Bickle and served in the White House with Ronald Regan. David Warnick has. 

Like everyone else, David's perspective has been shaped by the leaders he has related with and the contexts in which he's served. However, to me, his perspective offers acute insight for our cultural moment as his background flows from both the center of U.S. politics as well as the center of the American charismatic movement. 

It is no secret that the intersection of American politics and the American charismatic movement has been a major focal point in this season. As I have pondered this pressurized year, our historic presidential election and the notable shakings in the prophetic movement, I was eager to hear David's answers to a lingering question:

How did we, the people of God, get to this place of intense polarization and political idolatry? 

The interview that follows feels like a clarion call in a time of great noise and distraction in the body of Christ; it offers clarity, wisdom and a better way forward. 


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