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Book Review: Cynical Theories

Critical Theory (CT) is a buzz word today is at the center of civil rights discourse, political debate, school curriculum and corporate America. But few seem to have a working understanding (informed by primary sources) as to what exactly CT is and what kind of impact it has on society. That's where Cynical Theories comes in clutch.
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Book Review: Reading While Black by Esau McCaulley

To be honest, I was pretty bothered by this title when I first saw it. I assure you, it wasn't because I don't like the Bible; neither was it because I don't like African Americans (don't cancel me yet)! At first glance the title seemed to be calling me to do that which, as a student of the Bible, I've tried so hard to avoid: impose a contemporary/modern lens over my reading of ancient scripture.
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Rediscover the Fullness of Your Prophetic Call

(5) Steps to recovering our prophetic voice in the realm of racial reconciliation.