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What to Do When You Can't See the Next Step

4 steps you should take when you don't know what's next
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6 Reasons You Might Be Stuck

Down and dirty coach-talk to help you get un-stuck.
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Hope for the 1%

One's prosperity, whether economic, influence or power, does not have to come at the expense of their spiritual health and passion for Jesus. It is possible for the “kings” of the world to live for one thing, like King David. 
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3 Lies People Believe

Are you living under a core lie about your value and identity? Often the first step in transformation is identifying the lies that shape you. Repent and receive your new in-Christ identity!
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Intimacy with God in an Age of Distraction

Adam interviews Dwayne Roberts (Upper Room Denver, CO) about his journey into the revelation of intimacy and some best practices for keep the sacred space with God in this unprecedented age of distraction.
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Transformational Bible Reading

(4) Questions that upgraded my Bible reading and sparked spiritual transformation.