Christian Idolatry of Sex

How Jesus' life exposes our idolatry of sex and offers hope for true fulfillment.
Evangelism Missions Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: Gospel Shoes

Your true position in spiritual battle and how engaging personal evangelism aligns you to your true identity.
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: Breastplate of Righteousness

Is the breastplate of righteousness more than good behavior?
Evangelism Missions

Hero Martyr or 'Religious Colonialist'?

How We Can Discuss Christian Missions In a Polarized Society
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Armor: The Belt of Truth

Do you avoid sharing your heart with honest transparency? If so, you might be diminishing your spiritual authority in warfare.
Evangelism Equality

The War on Women: An Opportunity for the Gospel

A divine appointment on an airplane on the topic of gender equality in the Church.
Missions Community

Community & Missions: The Apostolic Model

5 Reasons Community IS the Launch Pad for Missions.

10 Questions for Sermon Prep

Helpful questions for preparing sermons.

Things Catalyst Students Experience

Experiencing a School of Transformation.

True Community

The Church Returning to Authentic Community.